Our aim is to create something very innovating
so that our company works to improve the earth
respect and the love for its animals (and all other beings).
We are convinced that we can change the world
throughout little facts and conscious choices.

Design, fashionable products, yarns form and colours
research require a long experience also of the
product selection.

Our body energy and mental balance is influenced
by all the things we wear, so that wearing a t-shirt made
with a natural fabric is different than wearing acrylic fabric.

Our body acts in a different way as regards natural essential
oils or synthetic perfumes containing petrochemical substances.
Also colours are very important and have a strong impact
on our emotions and feeling. For example, the colour red
stimulates energy, pink is good for relaxing, blue is useful
to reduce blood pressure.

We need to be aware of everything that can act on our bodies!

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