Our company was founded in 2004. At this time I was in the middle of my
life and I began asking myself what I would have done when I had grown up.

The company has always been working with fashion, also when my family
founded it, but when I joined it I was doing a lot of other things. Around my
forties, it was difficult to put all in discussion, so I collected all my life experiences
(many interesting experiences, also in fashion field) and I put them all together.
I have always been loved animals, nature and oriental cultures. Also I have been a vegetarian for a long time and because of it’s importance to me, all my working decisions are based on these principles.s0

Therefore I decided to use cashmere yarn obtaining it by combing animals not by cutting their hair. It was a wonderful and noble yarn … since I discovered the yarn made of Yak!

So the new “adventure” began for “Kyo - shopping for a better world” which would engage me every day of my life looking for new solutions and trying to make the world the way I would like it to be. Putting together business with ethics, environment and innovation matching resources in the environment with the production requirements.
  • 30 Marzo 2014

    PVRA FESTIVAL - Benessere e Natura

    Il nuovo festival Olistico di Verona. Centro Congressi Verona Fiere - Via del Lavoro, 8 - Ingresso 5 €

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    PVRA FESTIVAL (VERONA) - 30 Marzo 2014